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Do you think Halogen down lights are safe?

Assure your safety with a free product while saving more... and challenge your electricity bill too... LED's are saving 88% of your lighting cost.......

And this is an alarming News about danger of halogen down lights.

The main ENERGY WASTER & FIRE HAZARD in your home is probably your lighting, hard to believe? Halogen lamps generate over 300°C of heat. Fire Brigades throughout Australia recommend replacing them with LED lights;
".....LED lights also last almost indefinitely......."
".... a small price to pay for peace of mind when you go to bed at night ....."
"..... these things generate no heat at all, you can put your hand on top of them ..."
"... cost more upfront but authorities say they are not only safer but more economical and energy efficient."

Watch the news from Channel Ten for the facts then go to:

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