towards to sustainability via greenary


We Are

Helping people to lower their energy cost through Victorian government incentives and complete Solar solutions.

GJS Green Solutions Pty Ltd is having handful of experiences in Urban as well as rural Victoria supplying and installing energy saving products such as Compact Florescent Lights (CFL), Low Flow Shower Roses, Whether Seals, Standby Power Controllers (SPC), LED down Lights Installations and Complete Solar Solutions. We have a strong bond with Australian market leading holistic wholesale supplier of energy efficient products to the Environmental and Abatement markets nationally. Together with EP we are focusing to bring energy saving products to market, via sourcing, the highest quality products that most appropriately fit our customers' needs.
We are always choosing premium quality products rather than focusing on lowest price in the market.
we are partnered with SwitchLED and Emerald Planet
GJS Green Solutions Pty Ltd brings to the market a unique perspective from last 3 years and 6 month including experience in:

  • Service and Installation
  • An understanding of environmental schemes nationally
  • Compliance
  • Product Development
  • Logistics


The SSL (Solid State Lighting) Quality Scheme is a highly regarded, independent industry quality framework designed to help buyers of LEDs identify the highest quality and best performing products. Inclusion in the SSL Quality Scheme is available only to LCA members who have demonstrated their products meet or exceed benchmarks laid out by LCA across a set of critical parameters including:
  • Luminaire efficacy
  • Light output
  • Measured input power
  • CCT
  • CRI
  • Save Money - Save Energy - Save the Environment

  • towards to sustainability via greenary

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